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About Denny Driscoll ...
Over the years it has been my pleasure to donate a lot of time and money to non-profit organizations which I did  with the "Left Hand Market Boys" and to some extent with New Market, as of July 2016.

I was classically trained as a violinist when I was in fourth grade in Pennsylvania, and participated in choral programs through high school and college competing and touring with high school groups and the John Carroll University Glee Club in University Heights, Ohio until I was 20.

I discovered the guitar at the age of 16, taught myself to play and really never looked back, making a living at performing through most of the eighties in New England including performances in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachussetts.  I am currently playing around Colorado's Front Range 3-5 times a week.  I performed 200 times in 2015 either solo or with some magnificent performers.
These days, I'm a full time performer and songwriter reconnecting with the music in me in Longmont, Colorado.  I hope you enjoy my page and can get out to visit when you can!
Interested in learning more?
I'm committed to helping your business' entertainment needs, as you wish, not too loud, not too soft...just right!