Denny Driscoll Music
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Denny Driscoll Music Services...
                                                                      Available Performances:

      Denny Driscoll Solo ...  Tasteful Acoustic Music, covers or originals (either "unplugged" or amplified) A  3         hour tour!

      Denny and a Partner (Duo or Trio) ...  Tasteful Acoustic Music with parts! Another 3 hour tour!

      Cowboy Music with Davy Allard, Old School, from when movies were black and white, Roy Rogers, Marty                 Robbins, Gene Autry and more...we'll put you back in the saddle!

      Get it Started with HEREIN THE CELLAR, 5 pieces, bass, guitars and everybody singin', plus that wild, crazy             horn sound! Gonna rock you!

Please contact me for rates as they differ depending on some factors...   

Denny also gives guitar lessons  SEE BELOW... 
                                                    Hey, Want Lessons?

                  •  Individual Lessons at your home, or agreed upon location ... $65 for 45 min.
                  •  Group Lessons, for up to three people, all ages, at your location ... $30 / pp for                          45 min.

                    Please contact me for rates as we may be able to work something out!

Denny will also teach you 
how to use your PA effectively, as well as 
playing well with others!